The Lag: 2021 New Year’s Special

Welcome to The Lag, the podcast from New Game+ where we focus on the games too old to be new and too new to be retro. 

Just as New Game+ promotes the belief that valuable discussion of games never expires, The Lag aims to carry that spirit by focusing on the old ones as much as the new ones. Alex Dewing and Olly Smith, the editors of New Game+ will act as your guides through The Lag, stopping to look at everything from RPGs to graphic adventure games. Except, not today… 

We have our very first bonus episode for you today. To celebrate the New Year we’ve got together to discuss some of the games we’re especially looking forward to being released in 2021. And it’s a pretty eclectic bunch, if I say so myself, with some AAAs and indie titles – and some games that really won’t surprise you. Sequels crop up more than once and we even have a remastered collection join the fray. Listen to Alex laugh as she exposes the embarrassment of her gaming backlog (much to Olly’s dismay) and hear Olly gush over all the exclusives coming to the PC (much to Olly’s joy). We hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording, in an episode more casual than usual. 


The Lag will be back later this month with a regular episode involving an all-time favourite of one of your hosts. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see us play, get in touch or leave a reply. 

As with all our episodes, you can listen and subscribe on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and iTunes. So sit down, grab your consoles, and get ready as we take you through The Lag. 

What games are you looking forward to in 2021? Let in the comments section below.

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