89335422_194572058467598_4859944696294829401_nOlly Smith
Chief Editor

Olly is the owner and chief editor of New Game Plus. He is an experienced games critic with bylines at Wireframe, Bloody Disgusting, Den of Geek, The Indie Game Website, and more. His favourite video games usually involve horror, stealth, or simulations. Follow him on Twitter at @OllyWrites.



Alex Dewing
Deputy Editor

Alex is an entertainment writer studying Comparative Literature at UCL, writing freelance for The Digital Fix, Curzon, and more. Their favourite films include How to Train Your Dragon, In Bruges, The Shape of Water and anything with a good score. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @alex_dewing.


Photo taken with Focos

Thomas Hughes

Thomas is a life-time gamer with six years of writing in the industry. You’ll typically find him playing Destiny 2 or on the Nintendo Switch. Follow him on Twitter at @Poonikinz.



Michael Weber2Michael Leopold Weber

Michael Leopold Weber is a freelance journalist from the U.K currently living in Western Japan. Michael has a wide taste in video games, ranging from gentle farming simulators to frantic first-person shooters and loves all things wholesome. He will spontaneously cry with joy at the sight of any dog. Follow him on Twitter at @foxymoustache.


Zsolt David

Zsolt is a writer and critic from Hungary. You can reach him @zoltdav on Twitter.