New Game+ (or New Game Plus) is a website dedicated to video game reviews, previews, analytical features and interviews with developers. What’s the catch? While a lot of sites will focus their content on recent releases and anything topical, we here believe that valuable discussion never expires. It means we could put out a review of a game that released last week, or one that came out a decade ago. In essence, we discuss new games, plusĀ the old ones.

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The Story So Far…


New Game+ began back in 2015 as Olly’s personal blog, known as My Anything Blog. He would use the space to write about his personal life, university, and anything related to his favourite films and video games. Over time, the content moved away from a personal blog and more analytical film and game pieces were being published. In 2016, My Anything Blog became Olly Writes Games, which was soon shortened to OllyWrites.

This was the second phase of this site. It allowed Olly to write more stuff he could use as a portfolio for when applying for freelance gigs and writing jobs. Over a hundred pieces were added to the site between 2017 and 2020, and the site grew from there into a more generalised entertainment blog. In the end, Olly wanted to bring other freelancers in to write pieces for the site, but then it would no longer be OllyWrites. And thus, New Game+ was born.