Review Policy

New Game+ is run by the site’s owner, Olly Smith. Although the site will commission other freelance writers from time-to-time, I am the sole staff member here and thus it is impossible for me to cover every single game release, especially when I have a full-time job. Therefore, content on New Game+ is chosen carefully based on my own interests and that of readers.

New Game+ believes in coverage for games long after the release hype window has closed. Although the occasional launch day review may be published, a lot of coverage may come in the weeks or months that follow. Sending a game for review purposes, if not specifically requested for, does not guarantee coverage. If I have specifically requested for a review copy of a game, then expect it to be published within four weeks of the embargo date. Since New Game+ is run in my spare time by myself, this is to ensure I do not crunch on something I do not profit from.

All content published on New Game+ is the opinions of the writer whose byline belongs to the piece. This opinion will not be affected by third-party influences such as interpersonal relationships and monetary incentive. Payment for positive reviews will never be accepted.

In the case of a game being provided by a developer, publisher or PR company, there will be a disclosure for this at the end of every piece of content where this game has been featured. This does not affect the final opinion of the product.

In reviews, information such as the developer/publisher, price, available platforms and the platform tested will be disclosed at the bottom of the article. As of 10/04/2020, every review on New Game+ is also required to include an accessibility checklist at the end. You can read more about that here.

As of 31/01/2019, a new rating system has come into effect for reviews. Every review on New Game+ includes a 10-point star rating based on how enjoyable the product is, its importance to the medium as a whole, and how well-produced it is. External factors such as developer working conditions and marketing may be taken into account on the final score. Reviews published before 31/01/2019 do not have scores attached.

Review content that is created during a game’s alpha or early access stage is titled as ‘Preview’ and lack ratings. Games reviewed after the launch embargo date use the standard review format.

Review content produced on games that have significantly aged are titled as ‘Retro Review’, with the time period in question to be judged at the editor’s discretion. Retro Reviews are written from the perspective of what the experience is like to play in a modern setting. For example, what may have been revolutionary at the time may have now aged poorly. Even with this in mind, writers of Retro Reviews are encouraged to give some leeway depending on how much the product has aged. Retro Reviews use everything the standard review format uses, except for the price.

Some of our writers have worked in, are currently working in, or have gone on to work in PR and other games development roles after producing content for New Game+. We have a strict conflict of interest policy whereby any writer who may also be working in a development role (or have a personal connection with someone on a development team) is banned from producing coverage related to that product. Coverage of the game may still occur, but it will be handled by another writer with no ties to that studio or PR company. In the event that this cannot be avoided, a disclosure of the relationship between the writer and the product they’re covering will be placed at the bottom of the article.

This policy was last updated on 17/05/2021.