The Lag #10: A Short Hike

Welcome to The Lag, the podcast from New Game+ where we focus on the games too old to be new and too new to be retro.

Just as New Game+ promotes the belief that valuable discussion of games never expires, The Lag aims to carry that spirit by focusing on the old ones as much as the new ones. Alex Dewing and Olly Smith, the editors of New Game+ will act as your guides through The Lag, stopping to look at everything from RPGs to graphic adventure games.

We’ve been treated to some lovely warm weather recently and the long late-summer days made us think of indie adventure game A Short Hike from Adam Robinson-Yu. So, we decided to talk about it with the help of indie-lover, video producer at Dialect, and co-host of Endure & Survive podcast, Ellen Causey. This open-world exploration game has you play as young bird Claire taking the journey to the top of Hawk Peak and our chat is as chill as the game itself.

Alex, Olly, and Ellen discuss the brilliance of indie games, the poignancy of an anti-climax, and the fun of exploring an island full of real, rude, and some relatable characters. There’s so much to uncover in this wholesome adventure game and the team gush over all its little details!

The Lag will be back next month with a game that continues with the summer vibes and the sunny days. If you have any suggestions for what you’d like to see us play, get in touch or leave a reply.

As with all our episodes, you can listen and subscribe on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and iTunes. So sit down, grab your consoles, and get ready as we take you through The Lag.

Have you played A Short Hike? Leave us your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Platforms PC, Nintendo Switch
Developer Adamgryu
Publisher Adamgryu, Whippoorwill Limited

One thought on “The Lag #10: A Short Hike

  1. Short Hike is a good one. I played it last year early on in the middle of the whole pandemic mess and it was a nice escape for a while. I liked the way the island was gradually opened up through exploration as well, with different areas being more or less unlocked. You can tell how much effort went into it.


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