The Lag #2: Until Dawn

Welcome to The Lag, the podcast from New Game+ where we focus on the games too old to be new and too new to be retro.

Just as New Game+ promotes the belief that valuable discussion of games never expires, The Lag aims to carry that spirit by focusing on the old ones as much as the new ones. Alex Dewing and Olly Smith, the editors of New Game+ will act as your guides through The Lag, stopping to look at everything from RPGs to graphic adventure games.

We’re celebrating Halloween in our second episode as we break out our survival kits and jump in Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn. Assuming control of eight young adults who find themselves brought together on Blackwood Mountain after tragedy occurs, the pressure is on to survive (until dawn) as their lives are threatened by all manners of monsters. Your choices determine who lives and who dies, and, while you fight to get through to daylight, it is up to you to figure what’s really hiding on the mountain. Both Alex and Olly experience the game for the first time, discussing the game’s immersive horror, find the slasher cinematic tropes, and reveal who they had survive the night. As with all episodes of The Lag, be warned for heavy spoilers throughout.

The Lag will be back soon for its third episode in which we’ll be discussing an indie title that’s helped to formulate the “walking simulator” genre. Keep an eye on your feeds for that at the end of November.

As with all our episodes, you can listen and subscribe on Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcasts, and iTunes. So sit down, grab your consoles, and get ready as we take you through The Lag.

Have you played Until Dawn? Leave us your thoughts on the game in the comments section below.

Platforms PS4
Developer Supermassive Games
Publisher Sony Computer Entertainment

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