EGX 2019: 10 Great Games from the Show Floor

EGX has come and gone for another year. Moving back to a bigger venue in London, the show featured more games than any of the previous events. So naturally, choosing ten games to select as my top favourites of the entire show proved to be very difficult. Nonetheless, here are ten games to put on your radar. These aren’t in any particular order.


Circuit Superstars
Developer Original Fire Games
Publisher Square Enix Collective
Release 2020
Platforms PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

There’s a simple elegance on the way Circuit Superstars appeals to arcade racing fans. Its easy to learn, hard to master control scheme lends itself well to the top-down view you’re presented with. The key is to learn how to navigate those corners and keep the right grip as you drift, because it’s otherwise easy to spin out and lose your momentum, which can make or break a race. With up to four people able to play on one system, this will be a fun one for get-togethers.



Developer Loeding
Publisher Loeding
Release TBA
Platforms PC

Loeding’s SNOW is currently more of a tech demo than it is representative of the final product, but it still stands out as one of the more visually impressive games of the show. The demo combines 2D ASCII-style puzzles before switching to a polished 3D environment that follows a young boy connected to a mysterious presence in a winter Nordic town. SNOW uses real-time facial scanning and motion capture to portray the characters, with actors delivering great performances while the graphics resemble AAA-levels of quality.


Developer Hidden Layer Games
Publisher Chucklefish
Release 2019
Platforms PC, Switch, iOS

I’ve always admired the wholesome aesthetic of Chucklefish’s pixel art portfolio, but INMOST turns that on its head. A puzzler with Metroidvania elements, the main appeal of INMOST came to me in its dark, gloomy presentation. Sombre music and soft grey colours reinforces these themes of despair as three main characters navigate the world. Each one has their own unique playstyle, and the fun is in seeing how these stories interconnect. It has a beautiful atmosphere and is definitely one to look out for.



Necronator: Dead Wrong
Developer Toge Productions
Publisher Modern Wolf
Release Q1 2020
Platforms PC

This is an amalgamation of arena battlers like Awesomenauts with deckbuilders and real-time strategy games. Necronator gives you a home base and pits you against a foe. Place units down with cards you’ve collected and send them towards the enemy fort. Conquer other towers along the way to build up your strength and utilise special power cards to enhance your units. It’s a game easy enough to pick up and looks to be something fun to play in short bursts. I personally can’t wait to see how complex it becomes.



Murder at Malone Manor
Developer Whitepot Studios
Publisher Whitepot Studios
Release TBA
Platforms PC

A murder has been committed and you have to have to catch the killer. Murder at Malone Manor uses a presentation similar to Cluedo or Werewolf, where players have to use their wits to find the right culprit. Outcomes are driven by player interaction as they explore the mansion, gather evidence and make conclusions. It’s a social deduction game that requires you to be highly perceptive, and while there are a lot of murder mystery type games out there at the moment, Whitepot Studios’ first own-IP release looks very promising.



Unto the End
Developer 2 Ton Studios
Publisher Big Sugar
Release TBA
Platforms PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

If you did a side-scroller viking interpretation of For Honor, you’d get Unto the End. Explore a world of harsh terrain and hostile enemies, you play as a survivalist father trying to get home to his family. Along the way, you’ll battle with intelligent foes who attack with skill and precision. Pay attention to the visual cues of the combat system to best them, as each encounter feels memorable and rewarding once you do. I feel like this one is going to bang when it releases.



Developer Superiority Complex
Publisher Superiority Complex
Release TBA
Platforms PC

This was such a great idea. Recoil is an arena shooter where you are the gun. If you shoot backwards, you launch forwards. Fire at the ground and you jump high in the air. There are so many unique ways to traverse the map in Recoil, and every engagement feels intense in a way no other shooter has done before. With each weapon type having much different behaviour, the possibilities with this are endless.



Developer MeGusta Game
Publisher PQube
Release Spring 2020
Platforms PC

A fast-paced RPG set in a detailed fantasy world, Unsouled has you use supernatural powers to hack and slash your way through multiple waves of enemies. Featuring a stylised combat system that emulates the clash of swords feeling of samurai fiction, there’s a beautiful 2D world to explore filled to the brim with secrets and rich detail. The fighting can be tough, with many encounters leading to death, but once it clicks, it can be unbelievably rewarding.



Moving Out
Developer SMG Studio
Publisher Team17
Release 2020
Platforms PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch

If you thought Overcooked with your pals was stressful, here’s a new one to look forward to. In Moving Out, you’re moving house and must pack everything onto a truck. You have to contend with squeezing everything through each door and window, while also figuring out how to fit them onto the lorry. It’s just as tormenting as trying to coordinate in Overcooked, but with the added stress of a physics-based puzzler. Some levels shake it up by introducing new conditions to make it harder, such as a haunted house featuring poltergeists that can possess your furniture and haul it away. Great fun for groups!



Developer Polygon Treehouse
Publisher United Label
Release 2020
Platforms PC, Nintendo Switch

When it was shown in a Nintendo Direct earlier this year, Röki caught the eyes of many for its alluring art style reminiscent of Scandinavian folklore. You play as Tove, a young girl on a fantastical journey to save her family that takes her into the strange and forgotten world of lost folklore. The EGX demo was short but perfectly illustrated how the full game would pan out. It’s a point-and-click adventure in a 3D environment, with an emphasis on storytelling over puzzles. The world of Röki is populated by a cast of odd characters and uncharted locations, and it looks to be following in the same footsteps as games like RiME, Sea of Solitude and Oxenfree.



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