Write for us

Want to write a piece for New Game+? Got a burning take or want to analyse a game from a specific angle? We have a tiny freelance budget reserved for freelancers who are looking for a place to put their gaming thoughts into an article. If you’re an up-and-coming freelancer looking to add a new byline to your portfolio, read on.

A 700-word feature pays £20. This is paid from Olly’s own pocket, hence we are limited to commissioning only one piece per month. The rates or the frequency of commissions may change in the future, so please check back regularly.

Send pitches to hello@newgameplus.co.uk with the email header: “PITCH: [your title here]”, otherwise we may miss it. Don’t forget to introduce yourself and include some writing samples. Because we put out only one commissioned piece a month, please allow us 7-14 days to get back to you. If your pitch is unsuccessful the first time you send it, things might be different a month or two down the line so we encourage you to keep in touch regardless.

Pitches are currently: CLOSED

We like interesting, analytical features on video games. Our tone leans more into serious stuff, but we’re happy to accept fun pitches too if the idea is great. For a few examples of what we commission, check out ‘How I fell in love with Horizon Zero Dawn‘ and ‘The importance of smaller world design‘.

Please don’t pitch reviews, previews, listicles and guides. Also don’t pitch anything too timely, as it’ll be about a month between the commission and the article actually going live.

If you need help with pitches, ideas or freelancing advice in general, check out this guide from Into the Spine. Writers from marginalised backgrounds are encouraged to get in touch!

Good luck!